TMI, a well-established organization

TMI is a company located north-east of Italy that works in the plastic processing industry.

The company was created thanks to both technical and commercial techniques, has gained a remarkable number of clients in its 20 year-long experience, and as broadened its know-how in every sector.

TMI was born in 2017 from an idea of Enzo Mazzucato and Tommaso Messina, whose intention was to create a reliable commercial system that could become a reference dealer of new injection molding machines, Cartesian robots and cutting-edge automation systems.

When the company was born, it started some important partnerships with SUMITOMO for injection moulding machines, TECNOMATIC ROBOTS (for Cartesian robots). The company is also a provider of cutting-edge automation systems, such as anthropomorphic and cooperative robots, machine vision systems and logistics systems.

TMI offers its services as a well-structured organization thanks to the cooperation of two salespersons and ten technicians specialized in installing and servicing injection molding machines and automation systems, a technical dept., a purchasing dept., an R&D dept., and an administrative office.

As early as in its second year in business, the company gained the ISO 9001 TUV certification.

We believe our strength lies in our passion for the job, and the will to represent a constant priority for our clients. Our team relies on strong values: honesty, professionalism and reliability.

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